A stay for all tastes

Ideal for business travel in the region, the apartment is ideally located for easy access to nearby companies and business offices.

The apartment has free Wi-Fi and a big screen TV.

Easy parking, a privileged environment, nearby restaurants.

You could invite your clients for an aperitif or a friendly business dinner (fully equipped kitchen, with the possibility to hire a chef: check the log book for details).

A perfect chance to spend a wonderful time together with your loved one.

In the high season there are nautical activities, sports, or relaxing on the beaches taking in the sun. Low season is a great time for romantic walks through the town, along the old port and the ocean side.

As always, high quality king sized bed, multi-jet showers, cosy living room, private terrace, etc…

There are also several thalassotherapy centres and massage parlours nearby.

You will find plenty of sporting activities to satisfy your needs, whatever the season, around town and in the region.: running on marked out, mapped footpaths or running tracks, biking (2 bikes are available) the municipal swimming baths, surfing, kite surfing, all sorts of sailing at the sailing school, boat and jet ski hire.

Sports gyms, very nearby bowling alley, pool tables, laser game (Périgny) and acrobranche (tree climbing/tree trails) (la Jarne).

La Rochelle is full of cultural places, sites, expositions, and events from the 1 st January to the 31 st of December.

Festivals, concerts, multiple shows. Don’t forget the Francofolies in July, the film and TV fiction festivals, and the many other shows. Check the log book for more details.

Easy access to the nearby media library near the aquarium.

An assortment of books in the apartment too.

Of course a trip to the city’s beaches, have a break, enjoy the sun or the rain, enjoy nature and a high standing apartment.

Bike rides, hikes, walks, boat hire or boat cruises. Visit the islands (Aix, Madame, Ré and Oléron) and Fort Boyard.

Health institutes, thalassotherapy and even home massages are available..

An assortment of DVDs for a home cinema experience on the big screen TV..

Don’t forget the local gastronomy, in the apartment with the high quality fully equipped kitchen and fresh produce daily from local markets in town, or go out for a meal at one of the many restaurants, bars, taverns in the different neighbourhoods of La Rochelle and Les Minimes (check the log book for a list of places) …

Many restaurants around town with varied menus. Some of the restaurants have won awards or have prestigious ratings. Plenty of local seafood.

Try out the café-bars “bistros” that propose generous helpings. Gourmets will enjoy the old town and the oceanfront, it’s all here for the tasting.

The high quality fully equipped kitchen in the apartment is available for home cooking. Household chefs can whip up a colourful meal with fresh produce from local markets in La Rochelle and Les Minimes.

Everything is at hand so you may do as you please: spend your days outside visiting the area by car, on the bikes or on foot, in la Rochelle, the islands (Aix, Madame, Ré and Oléron) or other places in the Charente maritime region.

Cocoon yourselves in the apartment, snuggle up in the sofa watching DVDs on the big screen TV.

Make some lovely little meals with fresh produce from the local markets.

Appetizers (a favourite local habit) on the terrace in the sun.

Or just sunbathing in the garden or on the nearby beaches. Whatever takes your fancy…

Always available during your stay: visit the aquarium, go bowling, to the cinema, theatre, pool, take a gastronomic trip in la Rochelle’s restaurants or in the apartment, bars, bistros & night clubs. Casinos, local markets, antiques fairs, laser games and many other activities are readily available…

A few useful web sites full of information about the activities going on in La Rochelle:


Things to see and do nearby

You will find the logbook LOG BOOK in the apartment which lists multiple activities and the annual calendar of cultural events that take place in and around la Rochelle.

You will find all the useful places, phone numbers and websites.

La Rochelle and its outskirts is a rich lively place, with plenty of places to discover, events to take part in and various activities to do throughout the year. Here are a few examples:

  • Museums (beaux arts, new world, marine, natural history…)
  • Cultural spaces (Centre Intermondes, La Coursive, L’Encan, Palais des expositions, Le Carré Amelot, La Chapelle des Dames Blanches, several media libraries, games libraries, theatres and concert halls).
  • Cultural sporting and leisure events throughout the year, but also cinemas, sports centres, le Rochelle’s aquarium, historic sites in the town centre (the towers, guided tours of the old town) many monuments, castles and remarkable sites of the region.

Visit the La Rochelle towers


Learn more about the La Rochelle towers

Discover Fort Boyard by boat

All year round, winter as well as summer, Fort Boyard cannot be visited. The only way to admire it close up is to go on a boat cruise around the edifice.

This is a vital for fans of the fort and the TV programme. There are several companies that propose cruises around Fort Boyard from the port area.


Learn more about Fort Boyard